VIDEO: "The values of clinical practice" Campaign for doctors in training

Thanks to the Advances in Clinical Management blog run by Dr Jordi Varela (@gesclinvarela), I discovered this video (in Catalan with english subtitles) highlighting key aspects of clinical practice that need to change in order to move us toward "the right care."

Dr Varela summarizes the key points of the video as follows:

  1. Learn to listen patients and appreciate what their circumstances are.

  2. Forget about persuasion and learn the technique of motivational interviewing.

  3. Help patients to make clinical decisions for themselves.

  4. Rate the burden of treatment and learn to deprescribe whenever necessary.

  5. Take the time for clinical reasoning and adopt the Bayesian probabilistic thinking.

  6. Request tests that make sense clinically, thinking about the value they will bring.

  7. Learn to teamwork, specially when facing complex patients.

  8. Watch out for overdiagnosis when practicing prevention and share it with target people.

  9. Incorporate palliative methodology in your clinical practice and know how to have the proper conversation about the end of life with patients and their families.

  10. Know how to get the "Right Care" sources.

Some of the top sources are listed at the end of the video and in the blog post. Check it out.

Source: http://varelaclinicalmanagement.blogspot.c...