No financial conflicts

I, Jessica Otte (founder of this website), have no sponsorships, honoraria, monetary support or conflict of interest from any commercial source.

signed pledges:

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  1. The Right Care Declaration (via the Lown Institute)
  2. No Advertising Please Pledge (via No Advertising Please)
  3. Open Pharma (via Open-Pharma Org)
    - Governments to mandate the public disclosure of all payments and transfers of value (i.e. gifts, meals) from the pharmaceutical industry to individual prescribers
    - The public release of clinical information concerning the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices by Health Canada
    - Industry funded research to be open access for re-analysis in academic journals and other platforms

  4. Show More Spine (ShowMoreSpine Campaign)
    - Patients should be at the heart of medical decisions, especially those imposed on otherwise healthy people.
    - Patients can only make wise health decisions if they know the full picture of what is being offered to them, the nature of their disease, the likelihood that they would benefit from a diagnosis and a label, and the likelihood that long-term medications will help them and not harm them.

  5. RxRisk:
    - I support making medicines safer for all of us
  6. Antibiotic Guardian (via Antibiotic Guardian, NHS Scotland)
    I pledge to do my best to:
    - order diagnostic tests only where it could change clinical management of an infectious process, and teach peers to do the same
    - discuss with patients the option of watchful waiting and delayed prescriptions when we are unsure if antibiotics are needed or not
    - order the shortest, best tolerated antibiotic appropriate to local antibiotic biograms
    - wash hands before and after examining patients with soap and water, rather than alcohol, wherever possible
    - share things that change my practice with respect to antimicrobial resistance on social media channels