The Lown Institute: great Right Care resources, updates

The Lown Institute represents the strongest collective voice of the Right Care movement. They've spearheaded the Right Care Alliance, conferences that have transitioned from "Avoidable Care" to "Right Care," and the Declaration of Principles. The redone website is easy to navigate and has some great new features!

Today they sent a great summary e-mail of their recent work and initiatives. I've updated some Lown Institute details in the Less is More Medicine projects section and I shamelessly endorse them here by sharing some snippets (edited for brevity) from the update I received:

New Website

Our website has gone through an overhaul, complete with new design and user experience. Added features include Overuse 101 , the Overuse Library, and invitations to Sign the Declaration of PrinciplesTell Your Story, and Join the Right Care Alliance.

Right Care Weekly

We have launched a regular Right Care Blog feature called Right Care Weekly. Right Care Weekly is a round-up newsletter that highlights the most important news of the week as it relates to overuse, underuse, and misuse of medical tests and treatments.

Right Care Regional Events

In partnership with Right Care Alliance members, we are hosting regional conferences to promote right care across the country.  We have confirmed a regional conference in Denver, Colorado on Oct 11, 2014; planning for the Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and San Marcos, California area is underway.  Regional conference updates can be found on our website.

2015 Lown Institute Annual Conference

The third annual Lown Institute conference is slated for March 8-11, 2015 at the Omni Hotel, in San Diego, California. The aim of the conference is to share progress made since the 2013 conference, renew our collective voice for change, and inspire Right Care Alliance organizing efforts. Unlike previous years, the conference is open invitation. Registration will begin this summer.