Patient-Friendly Portal for Choosing Wisely Canada

Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) has been on a roll lately with some exciting initiatives, including reaching out and empowering medical students to be leaders for change.

They've also just launched the patient-focussed part of the website, started ramping up the 10 million challenge, and upped the PR push to advocate for culture change with the slogan "More is not always better."

I love that the campaign is growing beyond creating lists about unnecessary and harmful tests and treatments, and blossoming into a strong organization that is beginning to tackle some of the drivers of overtesting and overtreating at the root of the problem.

I always worried that CWC wouldn't do enough "big picture" stuff, but I am so very glad to be proven wrong!


Check out the new patient portal or join the 10 million challenge, a Canada-wide collective action initiative to help prevent 10 million unnecessary tests and treatments by the year 2020. And, keep a close eye on Choosing Wisely Canada because I have a feeling there's a lot more to come!


Updates to this site: New projects and resources

This is a reminder that there is tonnes of incredible work going out there in combatting the use of unnecessary tests and treatments! Less is More, Right Care, Choosing Wisely, Quaternary Preventing, Stewardship, Preventing Overdiagnosis... 

I do wish we could come up with a unifying term for all this fantastic work, but in the meantime, I continue to scour the Internet for relevant blogs, journal articles, opinion pieces, news stories, and clinical tools and curate them here.

I've made a few updates to the other pages on this site:

  • took down the "People" page because there are too many amazing people to keep track of, and just highlighting a few did not celebrate the work of everyone 
    • if you would like to help and take this section on, please email me 
  • Updated the "Change your practice (Providers)" section, which lists a few ways health care providers can change their practice to facilitate more patient-centred, evidence-based, 'right amount' of care
  • Linked to a few more blogs that contain similar focus as here; you'll find them under "Similar Blogs" to the left of this post (on the Desktop version of the site)
  • Added shared decision-making (SDM) resources to the "Hands On" page
  • Working on a Teaching section, to showcase websites, videos, etc. that will help physicians and others teach this style of practice to health care students
    • if you are interested helping with this work, please email me 
  • Started collecting articles on an online platform called Pearltrees (explained in this blog post)


There's lots more to do, but  I'm hoping this site (bit by bit) is proving to be a useful collection of ideas and resources for you. Your feedback is always appreciated, whether by comment (below), e-mail, or twitter (@LessIsMoreMed).

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