Celebrity Medical Advice: Mark Cuban says "more is better" in Health Care

Twitter is a wonderful place to share ideas, learn quick tidbits, and to get a sense of the 'zeitgeist.'

Unfortunately, many people use it as a platform to share their crazy opinions and famous people are able to propagate all kinds of medically questionable myths (read Hoffman SJ and Tan C in BMJ re: following celebrities' medical advice). The Jenny McCarthy- and Gwyneth Paltrow-types persuade others with obvious contravention of science. However, the subversion of the process of medicine can also be subtle. 

BEWARE it may make you shudder to read it:

If you can afford to have your blood tested for everything available, do it quarterly so you have a baseline of your own personal health . . . 

a big failing of medicine = we wait till we are sick to have our blood tested and compare the results to “comparable demographics

- Mark Cuban (@mcuban)

Fortunately, before Mark Cuban (billionaire entrepreneur) could get too far with his "more is better" evangelism, Charles Ornstein (Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, @charlesornstein) challenged him. Too bad that challenging people often makes them dig their heels in deeper.

Did the evidence provided sway Cuban? See the play-by-play on Forbes.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dandiamond/201...