Less is More: The Beginning, Time to Blog

Now that the Less is More Medicine website is live, and everything's atwitter, I can start tackling the 180+ articles I have saved up on the subject, providing a précis and posting them here. The first priority was to complete and share the website, but the real utility of the site will be in highlighting all the incredible work that is already underway. Every day there are newspaper articles, scholarly journals, and blog posts published about the idea of Less is More or Appropriateness or Choosing Wisely.

Whatever you call it, patients, families, doctors, nurses, technicians, policy makers, and governments are starting to take note.

It's a pretty exciting time and with all this momentum, the task of changing the culture of medicine does not seem so impossible.

One step to move forward toward 'the right amount of care' is engaging physicians to lead their peers, by example and education. Another is enabling patients to have a voice, be it by way of shared decision making, political advocacy, or some other means.

I don't have all the answers. I am hoping that by practicing appropriate care, being part of the discussion, publicizing the issues, and beginning to talk in medical school classrooms or at conferences, I will help add the the momentum.