Teaching Costs of Care: Opening Pandora’s Box

Educating medical students and residents about the costs of care seems to be an important part of equipping them to deliver 'the right amount' of care. However, there is lots of hesitation; this article highlights 5 barriers to avoiding overtesting: fear of malpractice, patient demands, pressure from attending physicians, questions about whose money is being saved, and whether education will make a difference.

Dr. Arora reaches a poignant conclusion, which happens to be consistent with the goals of THIS (Less is More Medicine) website:

And in the words of notable educational psychologist Robert Gagne, the first step in creating a learning moment is getting attention. And, by that measure, this exercise was successful – it certainly did get attention. Yet, it also did something else…it created the tension for change, a necessary prerequisite for improvement. It certainly cultivated a desire to learn more about how to achieve this change

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Source: http://www.costsofcare.org/teaching-costs-...