VIDEO: Choosing Wisely and Encouraging Effective Treatment

Healthcare Triage briefly presents the notion that we should "stop doing things that don't work" in medicine. In the United States, vast amounts of money are being wasted on unnecessary care. Fortunately, the Choosing Wisely campaign helps enable patients and providers to take part in "reducing spending without negatively affecting quality of care."

In Canada, it is framed a little bit differently. We focus mostly on preventing harm and promoting high quality care. We expect that there will be significant financial benefits to the system from working in this way but saving money is not the primary motivation behind the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign. 

There are also some things the campaign (whether in the US, Canada, or elsewhere) doesn't address, like the fact that people respond to financial incentives and if we do not change the way health care providers are paid, they will continue to do unnecessary things to patients simply for the monetary gain (in direct violation of medical professionalism and most would say the Hippocratic Oath).

See the video here: