MOVIE: Knock (1951): Foreshadowing Medicalization

A first for Less is More!

No, we are not making a movie. It's the first "pop culture" feature of the problem of medicalization, where healthy people get labeled as sick.

Those of you who know I speak a bit of rusty, fragmented french will be aware of the page of French-language resources [français] on this site. I would love for the entire site to be better organized and to have the whole thing translated. But with a budget consisting of the coins I find in my couch, that is unlikely to happen soon.

In the meantime, I am proud to tell you about this french film.

"Dr Knock," is a french comedy film from 1951 in which a physician who, in need of work, convinces an entire healthy village that they are all ill so that he can treat them. Originally a play in 1923 by Jules Romains, called Knock ou le Triomphe de la médecine (The triumph of medicine), this film had some kind of foreshadowing!

Theatre 625 (BBC) did an English adaptation in 1966 but I have not been able to find a video of it.

 The full film is available (legally, I believe) on YouTube. French speakers, enjoy!


French/français ressources; Moins est Mieux Médecine/#surdiagnostic

Mon français est pauvre, mais je suis ravi d'offrir quelques «Less is more» ressources dans la langue française. Vous pouvez les trouver ici: Page française

Le site a besoin de beaucoup plus de travail bien sûr, et donc je me réjouis de vos contributions.

Il ya beaucoup de controverse entourant les soins primaires au Québec en ce moment, et la gestion de surdiagnostic est une partie du changement qui vient.

Merci: Dr Isabelle Leblanc (@leblanc_isa) pour fournir des ressources et l'édition. Aussi, merci à Drs Simon-Pierre Landry (@SimonPiLandry) [voir son article sur le sujet dans Santé, Viser Juste), Éric Contant (@EContantMD), Yves Lambert (@docLambertY), et L'AMQ (@AMQuebec) pour montrant que les médecins du Québec sont très contraints de se attaquer surdiagnostic et les problèmes associés.