VIDEO: Speed, Need, and Greed: Dr Iona Heath: Articulating why we need Less is More in Health Care

Dr Iona Heath is to me a sage leader in understanding and rejecting the existence of "too much medicine." She is not just a philosopher and crusader for the cause, but a (retired) GP who has practiced what she preaches. Her role as a physician engenders the trust of colleagues, but it is her compassion for the patient and advocacy for people (not doctors) that resonates with me.

Every time I violate my Less is More philosophy, I aspire to do better. There are many things - including speed, need, and greed - that motivate me and my colleagues to practice too much medicine, but every day I get a little better at overcoming these.

She gave a similar, inspiring talk in Vancouver which was when I first met her. I am honoured to see that she refers to me and this site at the beginning of her talk at the Londonwide LMCs' Building Resilience: Taking Control Conference 2015. View it below:

This video is about Dr Iona Heath's presentation at the Londonwide LMCs' conference Building Resilience - Taking Control


CONFERENCE: ISDM/ISEHC2015: Bringing Evidence-Based Practice and Shared Decision-Making Together

What could be better than a conference combining evidence-based practice (EBM) and shared decision making (SDM)!? 

A conference combining EBM and SDM... in Australia!!

That's right, July 19-22, the University of Sydney will be hosting the joint international shared decision-making (ISDM) and International Society for Evidence Based Health Care (ISEHC) conference.

Drs Paul Glasziou (@PaulGlasziou) and Lyndal Trevena (@LyndalTrevena) host, with keynote speeches from Drs Victor Montori (@VMontori), Alexandra Barratt (U of Sydney, organizing committee of Preventing Overdiagnosis), and Sharon Strauss (U of Toronto).

Submit an abstract today! Early bird registration will open soon, and close April 17, 2015. Check out the website and subscribe to their email list so you know as soon as registration opens.


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