2nd Wave of #ChoosingWisely Canada Recommendations

Choosing Wisely Canada has just released their second wave of recommendations.

If you've been snoozing under a rock, Choosing Wisely is a physician and patient-led campaign to encourage discussions about unnecessary tests and treatments during clinical care.

National specialist societies got together, reviewed the evidence, and created Top 5 (ish) lists relating to things doctors and patients should do less of.

This round, there are recommendations from many groups. Here are a few juicy examples:

From The Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists & Canadian Partnership Against Cancer [full list of 10], eg:

An updated list from CMA’s Forum on General and Family Practice Issues and College of Family Physicians of Canada [full list of 10], eg:

From the Canadian Association of Pathologists [full list of 5], eg:

(See Myths and MSUs for more on this)

These lists are a great start! I was so pleased to see that some of the recommendations really "have teeth." That is to say, the organizations tackled some areas where myths and controversies persist, as change is clearly needed.

I am excited to see the Patient Materials section expand because the tools there will be one of the most important parts of this campaign, which is all about empowering and informing patients.