Overtreatment: When Less Is More In Medicine

Dr. David Liu on Better Health posts a reaction in support of the Associated Press article, Overtreated: More Medical Care Isn't Always Better. He tackles one of the biggest challenges to the Less is More movement - that although we know that we should be doing less of the interventions that have poor evidence (or evidence of harm) behind them, it seems impossible at times to convince the public of this fact.

You would think the public would be happier that they would be poked and prodded less as scientific evidence shows that it is safe to do so. We should want the healthcare system to be in the mindset of continual learning and not mired in old traditions just because that is the way it was always done.

Yet despite this reality, some people view this as rationing of medical care or the beginning of socialized medicine.

It’s not. It’s the time of rational medicine. Doctors need to lead the change and get away from the hype and more to the science. That is what patients really want.

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