I'm constantly working on this list of factors that contribute to Inappropriate Health Care - and the things that can save us from it. I usually expand on each of these in my talks with examples & references.

If you have any suggestions for changes or additions, or would like to use this graphic in any way, please let me know via email lessismoremedicine@gmail.com.
- Dr. Jessica Otte

Version 3: First presented in Nov 2015 at the St Paul's CME.

Updated with more factors driving appropriate care after attending Preventing Overdiagnosis 2015 and incorporating feedback from colleagues.









Version 3A: A Spanish Version by Dr Carlos Aibar






Version 2: First presented in Apr 2015  at the SRPC Rural and Remote Conference.

Updated with some ideas from feedback on previous talks, some ideas from colleagues at the "Road to Right Care" conference









Version 1: First presented in Feb 2015 at the UBC CPD Post-Graduate Review