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Do you want to meet other health care providers and patient advocates who are interested in the Less is More approach? To learn more about what others are doing to change the culture of medicine?

Check out a conference or event (in chronological order where possible)



Hellish Decisions in Healthcare Jan 12-13, 2017, Oxford UK.

  • Hosted by the Value Based Healthcare programme, within Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, in partnership with Better Value Healthcare and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI)
  • Hellish Decisions in Healthcare is designed as a space for healthcare leaders, professionals and researchers within the international healthcare community to shape healthcare policy and systems to deliver Triple Value

    • Personalised value, the delivery of services informed by what matters to the individual
    • Technical value, determined by how well resources are used within services for each purpose
    • Allocative value, determined by how the assets are allocated to services for different purposes.
  • The decisions and strategies needed to deliver Triple Value will not always be immediately apparent and nor will they be easy to make; the Value in Healthcare Forum is a safe place where these strategies can be developed and where strategic discussions can be had with the key thought and implementation leaders in healthcare.

Choosing Wisely Canada 2nd Annual Conference Feb 27, 2017. Calgary, AB, Canada 

  • Be part of the national conversation on reducing overuse, waste, and harm in Canadian health care
  • Last year's event was sold out!
  • Abstract are open, see the call





Lown Institute: 5th Annual Right Care Conference May 2-7, Boston MA, USA

  • Join hundreds of like-minded clinicians, researchers, and members of the public from around the world to address right care—necessary and meaningful health care. Come hear our world-renowned speakers, participate in our skills-building workshops and network with peers you know and are about to meet. No matter what your background, specialty or experience, you’ll be inspired by this one-of—a-kind conference, right in America’s mecca of medicine
  • Register now and don't forget there are scholarships available for trainees, patient advocates, and others: see here
  • The Call for abstracts is open until December 18, 2016 Submit your abstract here


International Shared Decision Making (IDSM) Jul 2-5, 2017, Lyon, France.

  • As a tribute to the late Professor Cathy Charles and her important contributions, the scientific committee has chosen the theme for this conference to be – Time to reflect on shared decision making: where are we now and where we want to be.
  • This will be a great event in the shared decision-making community working to improve care to patients and their families. This is an ideal event at which to make new professional acquaintances and to exchange ideas in a friendly atmosphere as well as enjoying the many pleasures of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Center.


Preventing Overdiagnosis Aug 17-19, Quebec City, Canada.

  • Following successful conferences in Dartmouth in 2013, the University of Oxford in 2014 the NIH in 2015, and Barcelona 2016 we are pleased to announce the 2017 international Preventing Overdiagnosis conference will be held in Quebec City hosted by the Quebec Medical Association (QMA)
  • The 2017 conference programme will be a mix plenaries, debates, parallel sessions and posters showcasing some of the best research on Preventing Overdiagnosis currently taking place across the globe
  • Registration is open, and Abstracts will be accepted until Feb 28, 2017
  • Reduced fees are available for medical and health students & patient participants.

Evidence Based Health Care (EBHC) International Conference Oct 25-28, 2017. Taormina, Italy.

  • The 8th International Conference of EBHC Teachers & Developers is hosted by the GIMBE (Evidence for Health) Foundation. Built on 7 previous highly successful meetings, the Conference is an excellent opportunity to network with worldwide EBHC leaders



Choosing Wisely Canada Talks. Web based, Canada.

  • Choosing Wisely Talks take place on the 1st Thursday of every month from 12pm-1pm ET. Each workshop is led by an inspiring guest speaker, usually someone who has made significant gains in implementing the Choosing Wisely recommendations. Through a webinar format, participants tune-in to a live presentation by the guest speaker, followed by an interactive Q&A discussion. Participants usually leave each workshop with:

    • A greater appreciation for the impact of overuse
    • Ideas and inspiration for their own Choosing Wisely implementation project
    • A better grasp on potential barriers and opportunities to successful implementation

Right Care Regional Events. Various, USA

  • Coordinated by the Lown Institute

Best Practices in Reducing Unnecessary Tests, Treatments and Care. Various dates/locations, ON, Canada

  • Formerly/also known as "Don't Just Do Something; Stand There"
  • Run by the Ontario College of Family Physicians;  interactive workshop setting; reviews the evidence behind tests, treatments, and screening and aims to help physicians to utilize resources appropriately




Preventing Overdiagnosis. Sept 20-22, 2016, Barcelona, Spain

  • THE annual international event for researchers, clinicians, journalists, patient advocates, and anyone with a passion to help transform health care in a way that decreases overdiagnosis, overtesting, and overtreatment

Minimally Disruptive Medicine: Effective Care that Fits Workshop. Sept 27-29, Rochester, MN, USA (Mayo Clinic, KER Unit)

  • Why attend? Care of patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) is challenging. During this two-day intensive:
    - Healthcare professionals and clinicians of all backgrounds obtain tools and strategies to immediately implement kind and careful care.
    - Researchers discover new research ideas and network with potential collaborators.

  • What can I expect?
    - Opportunities for in-depth discussion during small-group and focused sessions.
    - Considerable time for networking across disciplines and interest areas. 
    - Hands-on experience with tools used to support the practices of shared decision making and minimally disruptive medicine.
    - Patient advocates gain insight into new strategies for dissemination across advocacy networks and advocacy to healthcare organizations

9th Geneva Conference on Person Centered Medicine. Apr 10-13, 2016. Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Collaboration between the International College of Person Centered Medicine, the World Medical Association, the World Health Organization, the International Council of Nurses and many other global health institutions.
  • Main theme will be Person-Centered Integrated Care through the Life Course. A 2016 Geneva Declaration on this theme was also presented
  • Click here to view the programme outline

4th Annual Lown Institute Conference & Inaugural Pre-Conference Research Day. Apr 15-16, 2016. Chicago, IL, USA

  • Presented by The Lown Institute and their RightCare initiatives
  • Learn how to transform clinical care into the right care for all patients and communities; hear from our thought-provoking keynote and plenary session speakers; network with colleagues, and participate in one of several workshops focused on transforming clinical culture, adopting RightCare initiatives, novel medical education approaches, high-value care, and faculty development

From Health to Sickness: The Harms of 21st Century Medicine. 2015. If annual, 2016 date TBA, Guildford, Surrey, UK

  • a one day educational seminar on the topics of Overdiagnosis and Overmedicalisation

The Second Annual Conference And Awards Ceremony Of The European Society For Person Centered Healthcare. June 18-19, 2015. Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, Spain

  • The conference will function to provide detailed reviews of recent advances in biomedicine and technology and expert clinical interpretation/opinion for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of a wide variety of chronic malignant/non-malignant conditions and diseases and to examine how these advances in science can be delivered to patients within models of practice which take due account of the patient’s broader needs and circumstances, including his/her lifestyle, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual requirements in addition to his/her physical needs

International Prudent Healthcare Summit, July 9, 2015. Cardiff, Wales, UK

  • International speakers and people at the heart of developing and delivering prudent healthcare in Wales will discuss and review achievements and set out the key steps needed to make further change happen, including: Strengthening primary care, remodelling the health and social care workforce, rebalancing the relationship between citizens and state, taking action to address over-diagnosis and over-treatment

 29th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care: "Medicalisation"
 Aug 19-22, 2015, Ghent, Belgium

  • Organized by the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH) and the Bioethics Institute Ghent, Belgium

Harms in Healthcare. Sept 19, 2015, Oxford UK

  • This pubic event, part of University of Oxford’s Alumni Weekend programme, offers a unique insight on the individual and institutional self-interests in research, combined with increased global competition that are currently leading to substantial harms in healthcare. 
  • "We will question whethermedicine is broken – do patients and the public ever fully understand what doctors, academics and regulators have been permitted to do to them and ­what would their reaction be? How the media contribute to harms and the growing problem of overdiagnosis, creating patients from a healthy population. We’ll also discuss the impact of a £500 million deficit in the public purse from stockpiling the controversial flu drug Tamiflu."


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