You’re Getting Too Much Healthcare

This essay is considered by me to be a Key Paper, because it elegantly explores the driving forces – and consequences – of "too much healthcare."

Any time you have an intervention for a patient, no matter how small, there is also the chance that it’s going to do some harm . . .

In some cases, the roots of the excess care are noble: Doctors just want to provide the best possible care for their patients. The operating assumption for many both inside and outside the medical field tends to be that if a little care does a little good, a lot of care will do a lot of good. Given the time constraints that many physicians are under, it can seem safest to default to over-ordering. But there are several other major drivers of overutilization, as well. . .

Doctors are rarely asked if they did too much, but they are constantly questioned as to whether or not they did enough.

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