Incidentalomas: What they are and why we should be concerned | Jill Wruble | TEDxPenn - YouTube

At the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference, I met a wide variety of people all dedicated to the same cause: the pursuit of better care for patients by way of helping them to avoid unnecessary and harmful tests and treatments.

By chance I met Dr Jill Wruble, a radiologist at Veterans Medical Center in West Haven, Connecticut and Clinical Assistant Professor with Yale and the University of Connecticut.

We talked about incidentalomas and what could be done to help improve our handling of them. When Jill told me about her TedX talk, I knew it would be worth checking out. She models appropriate care in her practice, teaches colleagues and residents, and has been making efforts to inspire others to make sure they are using diagnostic imaging meaningfully and judiciously. And she's a pretty amazing woman - did you see that bio!?


Not sure what an incidentaloma is? Or what to do if you find one (or are told you have one)? See her 15 minute talk on the subject: